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Golden Days Of Flight

Paul Garber, an aeronautical pioneer, traces the first days of powered flight. [color, 28 minutes] $29.95 ST0031
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America’s Wings

The airplane did not simply evolve. Everything that happened since Kitty Hawk, happened because somebody had an idea. This film looks at some of these ideas and “somebodies.” They include: Igor Stravinsky, who invented flyable transports; James Osborne, whose wind tunnel work in the 30’s established the shape of airfoils; Adolph Buseman, who thought of the sweptwing; Kelly Johnson, who designed some 40 airplanes; and Richard Whitcomb, who thought of the supercritical wing, the “coke-bottle” fuselage, and the winglet. [color, 28 minutes] $29.95 ST0032
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60’s: Strides Toward The Future

Views one of the most progressive decades of the century for aeronautics. Details the use of wind tunnels for research and development. [color, 28 minutes] $29.95 ST0033
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Research Project X-15

Shows the development of the experimental X-15 research airplane which took test pilots to the edge of space. Dramatic photography of the X-15 flights and landings on the dry lakebeds of California is included. [color, 27 1/2 minutes] $29.95 ST0034
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Quieter, Faster, And Safer Aircraft

Describes NASA projects to reduce jet engine noise, to develop planes that can travel faster, and to improve aircraft safety. [color, 29 1/2 minutes] $29.95 ST0035
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Crashes, Hang Gliders,Copters, And Underwater Planes

Research to decrease the number of air crashes is highlighted with dramatic film. Includes land and sea based research, as well as airborne experiments. [color, 28 minutes] $29.95 ST0036
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Flying Machines

Emphasizes aviation today and tomorrow, how we got where we are, and the plans for future research and development - wind tunnels, power plants, materials, safety, comfort, economy, fuel-savings, speed, convenience, efficiency, and noise abatement. [color, 28 minutes] $29.95 ST0037
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Setting The Stage For The Future

Some of the projects NASA worked on during the 80’s are presented. Airplane computers and XV-15 Tiltrotor are two of the subjects covered. [color, 28 minutes] $29.95 ST0039
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Behind The Scenes At the National Air And Space Museum

E.T. Woolridge, director of aeronautics, discusses the development of the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC. [color, 28 minutes] $29.95 ST0040
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Old newsreels document the successes and failures of early aeronautical oddities including a windmill plane, flying barrel, spindle plane, potato bug, tailless airplane, aerobike, ornithopter, skycar, rocket glider, etc. [color, 17 minutes] $29.95 ST0104
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This video examines how NASA works to improve aircraft performance and safety. Using computer technology, physical sciences, testing, and human ingenuity, NASA continues to make aircraft safer, faster, and more economical. [color, 29 minutes] $29.95 ST0105
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