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human machine in space
Dr. James Logan, chief of the NASA Johnson Space Center’s Medical Operations Branch, discusses how the human organism functions during space travel. [color, 28 minutes] $29.95 ST0068

Food For Thought - Your Nutrition, Your Health
A slide/tape to video transfer follows the dietary guidelines and helps consumers understand nutrition. It includes suggestions about what to eat to keep healthy. [color, 14 minutes] $29.95 ST0004
Story of Food and Fitness, The
An entertaining look at the connection between food and fitness which tries to motivate viewers into following a food and fitness program in their daily lives. [color, 29 minutes] $29.95 ST0005
Nobody’s Immune
Individual victims describe the ways in which they contracted AIDS, and its impact on themselves and their families. The video ends with an explanation of acceptable methods of preventing infection to the HTLV-III virus. [color, 29 minutes] $29.95 ST0006
making medicine in space
Dr. Charles Walker, Shuttle Payload Specialist, McDonnell Douglas Corp., tells us how medicine can possibly be made economically in space. [color, 28 minutes] $29.95 ST0063
Dr. Donald de Vincenzi, chief of biological research at NASA Headquarters, discusses problems which humans may face during long space flights. [color, 30 minutes] $29.95 ST0067
Skylab: Space Station I
This video reviews the repair operation of the first mission, proving man’s presence is vital to successful space exploration. Shows medical experiments looking at man as he reacted to long-term weightlessness. Includes observations of solar flares, Comet Kohoutek, and studies of the Sun looking toward future energy production. Covers Earth studies by means of the Earth Resources Experiments Package. Narrated by each member of the three Skylab crews. [color, 28 minutes] $29.95 ST0042
This video summarizes data acquired from Skylab medical experiments performed onboard Skylab. It explains parameters of such experiments as the lower body negative pressure device, bicycle ergometer, rotating litter chair, sleep analyzer, small mass and body mass measurement devices, and onboard physical examinations conducted by the astronauts. [color, 16 minutes] $29.95 ST0110
gravity and life
Dr. Richard Keefe, professor of anatomy, Case Western Reserve University, explains the role of gravity in the development of life. [color, 28 1/2 minutes] $29.95 ST0062

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