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General Information

All across America Textbook Tapes are making teaching easier for teachers and learning easier for students. We help your students learn the fundamentals of topics that are taught in school by producing excellent videos. We begin with good text and add relevant graphics to make everything clear.

Preview Policy

Due to the high cost involved, we are unable to maintain a preview system. We hope that this site and/or our catalog will help you make an informed decision when ordering the Textbook Tapes® series.

The catalog has been put together using synopses that are complete and accurate. We have had our videos previewed by award-winning teachers, media specialists, librarians, principals, and superintendents, as well as parents and students—all of whom have highly recommended our videos.


Here is what some of them have said…

Dear Mr. Carroll,

I have finished reviewing the videos you sent and feel they are extremely well done and will be contributory to a instructional program. The graphics are super, the narration is clear, concise and accurate.

The Textbook Tapes series represent a visual supplement to an ongoing textbook approach that will stimulate students in ways the text cannot do. The graphic representations of scientific concepts are extremely well done, the narration is clear and concise, and the information presented is accurate and timely. The videos have many potential uses for the teacher, such as the obvious supplement to the text. They can also serve a vital role in individualizing an instructional program, remediation and/or enrichment functions for individual students, background information for the teacher, plus several other innovative approaches to the teaching process. The Textbook Tapes represent an exciting and legitimate thrust in the never ending process of trying to enhance the instructional process for individual students.

Wilber S. Slawson

Dr. Slawson is a retired educator with forty-two years of teaching experience at various levels of public education. He has taught in the public school system and served as an educator at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville for twenty-four years teaching methods courses to pre and in-service teachers and administrators.

Dear Mr. Carroll,

I am really enthusiastic about the contribution that Textbook Tapes can make to an educational system.

As you know, I taught and have held several administrative positions. I know how much help a teacher needs, and I think that the quality of these Textbook Tapes will help the teacher fill a vacuum in the program.

They are well coordinated with textbooks and some of the most interesting and stimulating supplements to learning I have ever viewed. I highly recommend them to any teacher who wants to challenge her/his students.

Dr. James A. Newman

Dear Mr. Carroll,

After previewing the videos, I came to the conclusion as a science teacher that I would like to purchase the videos for use in my school. I especially was impressed with the examples used to illustrate concepts. Excellent graphics and charts were used.

Brenda B. Miller
Science Teacher
1991 Presidential Awardee for the State of Tenn.
1991 Knoxville Chamber of Commerce Best Award
1985 First science teacher to acquire career ladder III in Knox County, TN

Dear Mr. Carroll,

I have reviewed 18 of the Textbook Tapes.

In my 25 years as a librarian, I have never seen any videos that are as good and professional as these Textbook Tapes. I can assure you that these videos will be of enormous help to any teacher.

I can wholeheartedly endorse these videos.

Barbara Overton
Instructional Media Specialist



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