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About The Science Companion Teaching DVDs…

We believe that a teacher’s job consists of much more than the arduous duty of preparing lessons—the most important being managing the classroom so there is quality interaction between teacher and student. We also believe there are no electronic or scientific advances that can replace the teacher in the classroom. However, we do know from wide experience that quality materials can help tremendously.

Textbook Tapes® is dedicated to producing such materials for making teaching easier while enhancing performance. So we are pleased to tell you about our company’s latest development which we believe achieves these goals.

We have produced companion teaching videos and a textbook on many of these topics. The 12 topics that make up the Biological Sciences Series are now ready. These companion teaching videos and textbook (along with the overview video) present, in a logical format, everything needed for a full unit’s work: lesson plans, objectives, vocabulary study, comprehensive up-to-date lessons, questions and answers, and a final test with answers in the teacher’s edition of the textbook.

This advanced teaching concept presents many advantages. It emphasizes the teacher’s role in teaching while largely eliminating the drudgery of lesson preparation. It will enhance student participation, interest, and learning. It will allow the teacher to better control the time and pace of discussion—and even student behavior. It will also reduce the monotony of hourly verbal repetition of the same material for different classes.

We are absolutely sure that these companion teaching videos and textbook will allow you to be a more effective teacher every teaching hour of the day.

Each unit of the Biological Sciences Series has two videos. The first video contains a lesson on vocabulary and two in-depth lessons on the subject. The second video is a comprehensive review of the entire subject. There are numerous places in the videos (marked with a star symbol) which will allow you to use the pause button on your remote control to stop and expand the discussion with your own knowledge of the subject—and to discuss interactive questions and topics before answers and/or comments are given.

The companion teaching videos contain everything in them that is in the textbook. The teacher edition includes the text from the video and the final test and answer key. The student edition of the textbook is identical to the teacher’s edition except that the answers and the final test have been deleted.

With your first order you will receive one teacher’s edition of the textbook and one student edition of the textbook. If you order all 12 units in the Biological Sciences Series you will receive FREE an additional 30 student textbooks ($598.50 value).




This set covers all 12 units of the Biological Sciences Series: Blood & Lymph, The Cell, Circulatory System, Digestive System, Endocrine System, Excretory System, Nervous System, Nutrition, Reproductive System, Respiratory System, Sense Organs, and Skeleton & Muscles. Included are the 24 videos (two for each of the units), plus FREE-of-charge one Textbook-Teacher's Edition and 30 Textbooks-Student's Edition. $1,079.40 INSB01

This video lesson contains vocabulary words that are necessary to understand the information in the study of blood and lymph. The unit covers blood composition, cell, types, function and lymph. In addition the student will learn about the importance of blood types and many blood-related diseases. [color, 2 videos] $89.95 INS010

The student will learn the vocabulary words necessary for a comprehensive study of the cell. The structure and organelle functions are discussed in detail. The student will then learn more about the cells nucleus, how a cell produces energy through protein synthesis and how a cell reproduces through mitosis. Also discussed are some disorders. [color, 2 videos] $89.95 INS007

This unit takes a look at the human circulatory system. The student will see that this system not only brings nutrients and oxygen to cells but also ferries wastes away and distributes a variety of substances throughout the body. The unit concentrates on seven major areas: the heart; arteries, veins, and capillaries; coronary circulation; pulmonary circulation; systemic circulation; renal circulation; and portal circulation. The diseases and disorders of the circulatory system are also discussed. [color, 2 videos] $89.95 INS009

The main objective of this video lesson is to present information that will allow the student to gain an understanding of the digestive system, including the organs of the digestive tract and the accessory organs that comprise the digestive system. A secondary objective is to present information relating to various disorders and diseases of the digestive system. [color, 2 videos] $89.95 INS016

This video lesson will present information that will give the student a comprehensive understanding of the endocrine system and the manner in which the various glands control specific physiological reactions. The student will learn about the mechanisms of action: the hypothalamus-pituitary complex, thyroid, parathyroid gland, and pancreas. Then the student will discover how the adrenal medulla, adrenal cortex, gonads, thymus, pineal body and other organs affect the body. [color, 2 videos] $89.95 INS015

This video unit focuses on urinary excretion. It looks at the anatomy of the kidneys and their supporting structures and how they actually clean the blood.This unit gives the student an awareness of how critical the excretory system is to maintaining good health along with information on related disorders associated with kidney dysfunction. [color, 2 videos] $89.95 INS012

The nervous sytem is the manager of the body's communications. The student will learn what a nerve impulse is and how it is transmitted. Plus the student will get a close look at the nerve cell and the neuron and learn the answers to some important questions related to the structure and function of the nervous sytem. There is also a brief look at the sense organs and how they work together with the nervous system. [color, 2 videos] $89.95 INS013

Without food, all living things will die. Nutrition is a study of what is needed in terms of food for a living organism to survive. This unit discusses what foods your body needs and presents information related to the various disorders and diseases connected with poor nutrition. [color, 2 videos] $89.95 INS017

In this unit, students will see how the reproductive system of both human sexes are designed to ensure that the two gametes, sperm and ovum, are able to meet and fuse. There is also a discussion of the basic laws of heredity and genetically related diseases. [color, 2 videos] $89.95 INS018

The objective of this video unit is to present in detail the upper and lower respiratory tracts. This will enable the student to gain a comprehensive understanding of the structures and functions of the respiratory system, the breathing process and various diseases and disorders. [color, 2 videos] $89.95 INS011

In this unit, the primary objective is to present information so that the student will learn about how the sense organs interpret the world for us. Specifically, the student will be expected to learn the anatomy of the eye, understanding how its parts work together to covert light energy into impulses; the anatomy of receptors for touch, smell and taste; and how mechanical vibrations are turned into the sensation of sound. Plus the student will learn about some of the diseases and disorders of these organs. [color, 2 videos] $89.95 INS014

This video unit examines the musculoskeletal system of the human body. Anatomy of the muscle fiber, muscular contractions, differences in the three types of muscles, structure of bone and cartilage, the types of joints, and muscle-to-bone and bone-to-bone attachments are discussed. The student will gain an understanding of how the skeleton works together with the muscles, enabling humans to move about. [color, 2 videos] $89.95 INS008




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